Technical & RnD

Some old work which I find technically exciting. These are my RnD works, I love working on stuff like these during my free time:

Car Rig , Uneven Terrain (2004)Car Rig Uneven Terrain : I loved working on this car rig. And I love the result I have achieved so far. I rigged the car using bones, IK, standard Max controllers and scripted controllers. My primary aim while developing this rig was surface detection, so that the car could travel on any uneven surface. The end user doesnot have to worry about spinning the wheels, or steering the front wheels and more importantly, wheels touching the ground. My scripted rig takes care of all that. The vehicle model is downloaded from

Procedural Skin Wrinkes (2005)Procedural Skin Wrinkles : This avi is a test of a technique I developed to achieve animated wrinkling of skin, without manually modelling morph targets. As an example, I modelled a very basic head of a character, and added some wrinkling effect to the skin around the mouth. My technique reduces the pain of poly modelling numerous progressive targets, which other wise could be required for this effect.


Dynamic Cloth with bonesBone Rigged Fake cloth simulation (2003) : For shots that need to be done quick, and donot require realistic cloth simulation but still need some secondary cloth movements, I worked out a bone rig with scripts and expressions. This bone rig creates secondary movement in the skirt. The rig doesnot use either springs or flex, hence is fast. The animator can experience fake cloth simulation in real time, as he animates. The rig gives the animator a parameter called rigidity, which can be changed for different fluidity settings of the cloth. The rig also gives control helpers which can be animated to deform the cloth if required.

Scripted_SecondariesScripted Realtime Secondary movements (2002) : Scripted method to get some secondary animation onto a bone chain, using only scripted controllers. In this preview animation, the only manually animated object is the small blue box. Its movement (position and rotation) generates secondary animation on the bones linked to it. I have NOT used any spring controllers for this preview.