Film VFX

Megalodon (2003 – 2004)


images (c) CA Scanline Production (Munich, Germany), ActionConcept, RTL. IMDB Link

I worked on this project as a Simulation/VFX artist with CA Scanline Production GmbH, Munich, Germany. My main role in the project involved Rigging/Skinning and working on techniques for muscle simulation and secondary skin movements.

I also worked on some particle simulations using Thinking Particles, an underwater environment modeling, and some character animation shots involving the shark.

Shots from this film are not included in my showreel, but can be viewed at


VFX Film Reel (Before and Upto 2003)

VFX_2_NightySea_AFX_00412_small VFX_4_JJMM_DBird_00573_small VFX_5_SkelToJam_00652_small VFX_9_CarBlastCompo_n_Debri_01041_small VFX_10_DBird_01067_small VFX_11_KidFall_n_EyePop_01149_small VFX_12_SaintToFlowers_01198_small VFX_13_JammyToCrabs_01321_small VFX_14_SandStorm_01465_small VFX_15_DBird_01500_small VFX_16_SnakeEntangleAdi_01534_small VFX_18_JammyDisintegrate_01643_small VFX_WaterToGirl00322_small

The shots in the above VFX reel (upto 2003) use both 3ds Max and Maya. My role in the shots  include :

  • shoot supervision
  • modeling
  • texturing
  • rigging
  • animation
  • lighting
  • particle dynamics, soft & hard-body dynamics, simulations
  • framing/compositing
  • morphing (ER)
  • scripting
  • R&D
  • Team Lead
  • Project management
  • Mentoring
  • Recruiting

Some chandelier breaking dynamics for some film long back

Role : Technical direction, mentoring